Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Very quick update

She loved the fake nails.  God--isn't she gorgeous?  And just 4 years old.

I did get to hold a newborn for a nice looong time.  Until he cried and then I could hand him off :)  My cousin (his dad) said just before this pic was taken that I look like a natural and I just answered "Maybe someday."  My mother gave me the funniest look when I said that and then looked away.  She looks sometimes like she's going to cry when she sees me with babies.  I had my friends six-month-old in my arms earlier that day and was tossing him up in the air and she had the same look on her face.  I know she would love nothing more than if I were to have kids. 

  Maybe someday.

I'm not sure about the whole dating thing anymore--we haven't seen each other in a week and it feels like a year.  This in-between stage isn't what I'm good at....we've been out enough to take it to certain levels, but we haven't had the 'talk' and it's still awfully soon for all that.  So that's kind of in limbo, and I'm not sure we'll see each other again until next week except for a quick lunch on Thursday.  He's going out of town that night. 

I'm getting sick....and I'm trying to figure out which child to blame this on that I saw last weekend :)  

Oh well.  I wouldn't trade those kisses for anything (even a cold.)  I think this did it too...

We were swinging (and singing) in the rain....and I was happy again.


Ms. Moon said...

Anyone who loves babies and children the way you do- sincerely and honestly- will someday have some. I know it.
Now try not to get too sick.
Beautiful pictures of beautiful people.

Bethany said...

don't worry about having babies now sweetpea.
or the stuff with new man.
well try not to.
lovely pics.
swing on.

Allegra Smith said...

Give time to time and time will take care of everything, that is what Nana used to teach me and finally, getting older, it has taken root.
You look lovely and those babies are munchable. Then again you know by now that there isn't a baby in this world that I don't love to pieces.

Be well, sicky stinks. I know what I am talking about. Hugs from here.

Angie Muresan said...

Sj, your niece looks like a mini version of you. So beautiful! And someday will get here before you know it. I had my first child at 27, and, honestly I could have waited longer.
And I echo Bethany. Don't worry about stuff with the new guy.