Monday, October 29, 2012

It's raining in Balitmore, baby...

And, in DC.

But everything else is the same.

(I'm safe, warm and dry. So far, still with electricity. Thanks to all for checking on me.)

Monday, October 22, 2012

It's Getting Dark In Here

The world has lost several fine men this month. My little network of family, colleagues and friends has been hit hard with tragedy, and while none close enough to me that I needed to revist the bathroom floor, it's been a tough few weeks.

My boss's father is about to die from lung cancer, and he is a distraught mess. My already-busy work schedule is being compounded with adding on his workload, and my traveling has really ramped up. We're in such a holding pattern until after we see if we have a new President, and what the new Congress will look like. Until then...we wait.

Blah, blah. I feel like I've been really boring lately. All work and no play makes SJ an even-more dull person.

I haven't laughed nearly enough this month, even though I've been listening to David Sedaris almost daily on my drives home and watching marathon Parks & Rec episodes at home. I suppose it's hard to find the humor in anything when each few days you hear of another person passing on, and in so many ways you are more alone than you've ever been.

I'm so lonely that sometimes, I feel that I may go crazy.

I am so tired of being second-best (or third-best, etc etc) to everyone--I know this has been a common theme in my blog but it just IS a part of my reality that I have no one putting me at the top of any proverbial list.

When I am at my darkest hours, I don't fear anything. If something happens to me? Meh.

We had a bomb scare next door with explosives planted in a local mall next door to my building--I barely even blinked when the FBI and HS showed up outside. I told the staff to go home, but I stayed. Too much work and frankly, I don't get worked up enough to be scared of anything these days. My flight last week was so bumpy that I woke up when my head, where I was sleeping, banged against the window and jarred me. I found my jacket, made it into a pillow, and went back to sleep.

I know I am loved, and cared about deeply. I know that I am valued. But I just don't feel it very much lately.

There is so much I wanted to have by now.


Monday, October 1, 2012

October, Again

God -this time last year I was flat on my back recovering from surgery. I was bummed for so many things, but a big one was missing my favorite month...October. I *love* being outside in October, I love feeling the cool air -- I can always breathe again when fall comes. I visibly relax.

I'm working from home this morning, preparing to fly to Atlanta to give a keynote address tomorrow afternoon at a conference. My first "headline," so to speak. Wish me luck. I'm nervous! But, I'm ready.

Can you believe I used to get physically sick just talking on a conference call, and now I can public speak? Growth happens. That's one my big growth areas I can point to with certainty and say no, I'm not like that anymore.

That's about it, though ;)

Going to Vegas next week, again to speak, and then to South Florida. Sorry, Ms Moon, I don't think it's near Tallahassee :) If it is, come listen to me! I'll look for you.

I took out the loads of trash, packed my bags, and cleaned the bathroom and now headed to the airport--wish me luck.