Monday, October 1, 2012

October, Again

God -this time last year I was flat on my back recovering from surgery. I was bummed for so many things, but a big one was missing my favorite month...October. I *love* being outside in October, I love feeling the cool air -- I can always breathe again when fall comes. I visibly relax.

I'm working from home this morning, preparing to fly to Atlanta to give a keynote address tomorrow afternoon at a conference. My first "headline," so to speak. Wish me luck. I'm nervous! But, I'm ready.

Can you believe I used to get physically sick just talking on a conference call, and now I can public speak? Growth happens. That's one my big growth areas I can point to with certainty and say no, I'm not like that anymore.

That's about it, though ;)

Going to Vegas next week, again to speak, and then to South Florida. Sorry, Ms Moon, I don't think it's near Tallahassee :) If it is, come listen to me! I'll look for you.

I took out the loads of trash, packed my bags, and cleaned the bathroom and now headed to the airport--wish me luck.



janzi said...

Well dear Girl, you carry all the best wishes in the world for it to be a total success as I am sure it will be... it is very brave standing and talking in front of interested people and I am sure you will be a trail blazer... obviously the past year has been a great learning curve and how well you have done... pats on the back for you.. glad to know you are feeling so positive and its great to read your blog... keep em coming eh>> Hugs from across the pond.. Janzi

Ms. Moon said...

Lord, Child! You are something! I am so proud of you. And no, South Florida is nowhere near where I live. Florida is a very long state.
I sure am glad you're able to enjoy October this year.
Now knock 'em dead.

liv said...

Well, the bathroom is clean, so nothing bad can happen now. It's only when the bathroom is untidy that things fall into that crevasse in the earth called "oops".

What fun, three places to go and people to meet and restaurant meals to be consumed and speeches to give. You'll be great, but best of luck to you anyway. And have fun while you're at it!

Mel said...

Is it too late to wish you good luck? Or to say You go girl! You're one of my heroes, I hope you know that.

And btw, in my old career, I had the same evolution as you, from shy and unassuming to public speaker whiz kid, it's awesome to see yourself grow more confident and competent, isn't it?

I think I should go clean my bathroom now, it's the least I can do! :)

SJ said...

Janzi -I read your comment while I was on an airport shuttle, and I looked out the window and smiled :) Thank you!

MM - Not sure about Florida now, but we'll see.

Liv -you can tell that cleaning my bathroom is so rare that I actually have to mention it :)

Mel -Thank you so much. I love that you read -I think of you when I write sometimes.