Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, my "relationship," such as it were, is now over. We never officially declared anything, so I guess I can't really officially declare the end, but I'm going to.

Why do I suck so bad at dating? Although in fairness, I am trying to hold on to a shred of dignity here and not run with the self-blame and self-deprivation--I do that enough, and probably way too much.

I scratched his surface, and came up on, well, not much down below that is worth my time. He wants to keep going forward, but I think it's time that this one end.

In happy news, I am going out tomorrow night with my new co-ed softball team. We're a team made up entirely of newbies, so I'm excited to meet more people and also meet people who haven't already been friends for years. And I can't WAIT to play some ball again.

I am having a quiet night, with leftover food and leftover angst from last night quietly trying to sneak back up on me.

But I won't let it.


Ms. Moon said...

Really? Well, move on. And don't let the angst get you down. You have softball to play! And new people to meet! When the right person comes along, it will happen. I swear to you it will.

Kori said...

I am with Ms. Moon here, which of course you know.

Angie Muresan said...

Me too. She really gives the best advice.
You don't suck at anything. You just haven't found the right guy.

Bethany said...

well you are brave to realize that and move on, not just hang out for the sake of having someone. I feel like cheering you actually. But I know it must be disappointing and difficult too. Hurray for softball though, that sounds like just the right thing SJ. You're my hero.

SJ said...

Onward, indeed. Thank you all.