Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sweet Winter

Today, I decided this was going to be one of those days I always want to have but never seem to be able to do without guilt or without thinking of a hundred other things I should be doing.

I decided to relax. I went outside to take pictures of the snow, sunk to my waist in the drifts, and came home to continue the day of relaxation. I shaved my legs and then rubbed baby oil all over them to finally get some moisture in my winter-dry skin. Then I put on lotion, then gave myself a facial. I kept my contacts out.

I read almost an entire book.

I painted my toes, and then decided that since they were having all the fun, I would paint my fingernails. I know people don't really paint their nails anymore, not actual colors anyway...but I'm stuck in the house, and no one will know or care, and so--I painted my nails red.

I ate the last of my enchilada leftovers from last weekend (thanks Ms Moon!) and just popped in a Netflix movie. I'm holding a Yuengling beer up there, and I might just have a few more tonight :)

It's been one of those perfect days, with snowdrifts that make you stay inside and just enjoy it all.

Off to pop some popcorn, wash the sheets and light more candles, in case my power goes off and I have to read by candlelight. I don't think I'll even mind :)

PS-- Just noticed the cat toy in the corner of the pic up there--it's a toy mouse, not a giant clump of lint ;) Even so, tomorrow still is cleaning day...


Ms. Moon said...

Get out! Mr. Moon's and my choice of beer is Yuengling! Sounds like a perfectly beautiful day to me. I hope your power stays on, though. I do. And after you reminded me of the chicken enchiladas, I made some this week and gave them to Mr. Moon as leftovers before he went to a basketball game tonight.
The blog world continues to delight me.
Sweet dreams!

Bethany said...

You blogged! Love it.
Sounds like a perfect day to me.
People around these parts still paint their nails. But you're right, not as much. Course, I don't. But yours looks adorable.
I bet you're ready though to be done with the relaxing time. Sorry you're snowed in buddy.
Hang in there.
Work tomorrow, right?

SJ said...

Ms Moon--too funny! I love Yuengling, but you can't get it in Kentucky. So I love that I can have it now whenever I want it!

And Bethany...yeah, I'm totally over it. And more snow is due on Tues-Wed too...UGHHH.