Friday, February 5, 2010

Here It Goes Again

As of 11am, Sat morning.

My street, at 10:00pm--just when things are starting to heat up. I can't wait to post pics in the morning!

Um, guys?

Blog alot this weekend, ok? Because god knows, I'll be at home, and in need of entertainment.


National Weather Service has updated their Winter Storm Warning for the D.C. Metro Area, which is now in effect until 10PM tomorrow. 20-30" of snow now expected in the D.C. area, with localized amounts exceeding 30". Conditions will deteriorate rapidly through the afternoon today. The heaviest snowfall will be from sunset today to Sat. morning. NEAR-BLIZZARD CONDITIONS ARE EXPECTED DURING THAT TIME. Wind gusts of 20-30 mph expected by tonight, with some blowing snow. Visibilities will be appx. 1/4 mile. For your own safety, and to help your local responders, please stay off roads this evening and overnight.


Ms. Moon said...

Make sure you have lots of food. And books. Take care and stay warm and cozy.

Allegra Smith said...

Be safe and stay home unless you must have to go somewhere. Drink lots of tea and cuddle with a some good book to spend a weekend pretending you are in the Swiss Alps and forget about the traffic and the cars and the drivers and use this time to pamper yourself.

Bethany said...

Oh no. Thinking of you. I blogged. Now you blog!

Angie Muresan said...

Stay warm. Stock up on yummies and books and movies.

May said...

I hope you have cookies. That's all I have to say. Man, we get pathetic down here when it rains for too many days in a row. Are you crazy with cabin fever yet? I hope you are warm and cozy, my friend.

SJ said...

I am having a little bit of cabin fever, but I am well-stocked on all goodies and books and movies :) I am about to eat some popcorn and pop in a DVD and I've done alot of pampering Allegra, and I think that was a fantastic idea! Nails, skin, facials...I've done it all today. Much needed!