Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's still here

I really miss these guys today:

They would love to be sledding here today...

I feel like all I do is use this blog as an outlet to either complain or brood.  But today, I'm brooding and it can't be helped.  I'm missing my family today--what good is all this snow if there aren't kids around to play in it? We would be going nuts with the sleds and snowboards today.  Instead, I'm here, officially done with relaxing and more than a little lonely stuck in the house.  There are some places I could reach, but my friends here aren't near any underground metros and the buses aren't running.  And anywhere I would go is way too far to walk. 

I'm supposed to be going to a conference up here tomorrow, which may or may not happen.  Sadly, I hope it does--I've got to get out of the house :) Even if it's just for work.

Soooo...there's my complaining/brooding for today. My own personal song for Sunday. The sun is shining outside and I hope it peeks in here too.


Angie Muresan said...

In the dead of cold winter it helps if I go to a tanning booth for 10 minutes of beautiful bone warming. Not healthy, I know, but those rays do wonders for both my spirit and my bones. Hope you do get out of the house for a bit.

SJ said...

Angie, it's so funny you say that--because I looked up places to tan today! I need a little "sunshine" no matter how I get it and I am usually NOT one to require it. But I think it's a good idea even if its not the healthiest thing ever.

Kaolinmommy said...

Sorry you're stuck inside & feeling cut off from the rest of your world. I wish I had some great recommended web reading or something for you... but, pathetically, all that comes to mind is a good dose of LOLcats. Ha!

Love & hugs & hopes for a thaw soon.

Bethany said...

It must be so hard to be so far away from your family, esp the little ones. Sounds like you are a super fun auntie. Brood away dear. I'm hearing you for sure.
Hope you can get out tomorrow.

Kori said...

You only think snowy days like that are fun with kids because you don't have them of your own-great to visit and play with, but not so great when EVERYONE is stuck in the house! :) Hope it is at least marginally better today!