Friday, February 12, 2010

The Aftermath

DC has hit record-setting snowfall numbers this winter already with our three blizzards and even though it's been only TWO MONTHS today since I loaded up the car and headed here, I've been here for all three of them.  I find it supremely ironic that my other moving location was going to be Maine--I feel like I actually moved to Maine or Canada, and the Capitol building I see the backdrop everyday is some sort of elaborate joke :)

I sent an email to a few friends today that talked about how I shoveled out my back patio today.   I made it up the stairs, and then was greeted by this at the gate:


My patio furniture looks like this:

That's a giant pile of snow on my table and chair beside it.  This isn't how I get OUT of the house, don't worry, this is just the little patio I have outside where I could feasibly sit when the weather isn't doing this.  I can much easier get out the front door, and I was able to today for a bit. 

It's back to regularly scheduled programming folks, and I hope to never blog about snow again...I'll be back to my usual moody/broody ways in no time ;-) 

Either's melting outside, I can hear it.  Nevermind that I can hear it because it's dripping just outside my bedroom and sneaking under the doorframe! 

I can hear it.


N2 said...

I am stuck in snow on the other side of the world (France) trying to get back to CA for my sister's funeral and typing to you while I wait for Lufthansa to change my ticket again. I think we all must think of snow as the great adventure this year. There must be a reason why we are being slowed to a stop.

Love your pictures of everyday things -- your patio snowed in. Hang in there, SJ! x0 N2

Ms. Moon said...

Can't wait to see what that patio looks like a few months from now.

Bethany said...

You for sure have had your share of snow. Soon you will be chillin on patio in flip flops eating more enchiladas babeeeeeeeeee.

SJ said...

N2--nothing but love to you right now, and I hope you are hanging in there yourself. Thinking of you!

Ms Moon and Bethany...oh, trust me, I can't wait!!

Maggie May said...

wow. i can't get over your patio furniture!