Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still breathing...

Shallow breaths :)  Walking through stress at the moment, work and life and all that entails.  Old feelings that have burst anew, and exhausts me with the weight of untold secrets and pressure to run around corners too quickly but finding I can't remember how to put this foot in front of the other.

It's hot.  Here's a true confession from me that I'm almost ashamed to admit: I hate summer.  Oh yes, it is true.  I can't stand the heat, seeing so many other people's feet (I hate feet), breaking a sweat just walking outside and my hair falling flat from the humidity.  It's so much more HUMID here in DC than I remembered, but that's just the way it is.  It's almost unbearable though, to run or exercise outside anymore for me.  I miss running, but running in the city is just different.  It's too hectic, chaotic and crowded.  And the public parks?  Too scary :)

I may have to break down and join a gym although having an extra expense every month makes me want to absolutely scream

I have paid the District of Columbia almost three hundred dollars in parking tickets.  This month.

SO -who wants to hear some good things?!  (I'm picturing all of you breathing a sigh of relief).

Oh!  My best friend from home is coming to visit tomorrow and is staying with me along with her fiance.  I've never met him, so we're all going to bond :)  We'll be doing the tourist thing, so I'll be a sweaty mess I'm sure, after we tromp all over the city, but it will be fun.   I'm excited to show them my little world here.

I went out for drinks with my boss and coworker the other day.  This is becoming an almost weekly thing and it's actually something I really like.  We compliment each other well, and even though my job makes me a bit crazy (an understatement), having good coworkers helps immensely to me. 

I also went out right after that with a few members of my now-over softball team.  I split a burger with one of the girls, drank a bit more, and we just had a good time hanging out.  I've had fun doing it, and I signed up for summer ball which starts July 11.  I can't believe I signed up again to play in the late-summer heat, but its just something fun to do and a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  So what the hell-

I feel like I'm getting a new best friend -across the country and someone who I never, ever would have crossed paths with- but she's getting me through my days sometimes, and you know who you are!

I went to the doctor last Monday for the first time in years and years.  I had bloodwork done, which I was nerovus as HELL about since I hadn't had it done in years and it was such a psychological bad thing to me. went FINE.  And I'm healthy as anything, and that's comforting.  My EKG also returned a verdict of a perfect heart :)

My perfect heart and I are off to do laundry now, and vacuum and make a presentable apartment for my friends tomorrow.  It will be good.

Stay cool out there.


Kori said...

What was it you said the other day? that you got my back? rught back atcha. Though, um, the feet thing? THAT is wierd, adn you know there is nothing wierd about ME, right? ;)

Ms. Moon said...

My Billy hates feet too. With a passion. I sort of love feet. Not to the point where I would do pedicures for a living, though.
Honey- do you need to e-mail me? I'm here. Sending love. As always.

Kaolinmommy said...

You know, I really want to love summer. I used to when I was a kid & it meant swimming and playing all day (and I lived in Ohio where it wasn't so friggin hot), or in college when it meant new adventures or travels. Now it just means I never see my husband, my plants all wilt, it's too oppressive to take the kids outside and my hair is the size of Marge Simpson's. Can I join your club?

And Lord knows you helped me through some stress & anxiety, so please let me return the favor. I'll be awaiting your venting inbox :)

Bethany said...

Hey SJ,
Glad you have a new friend who is helping you through. Perfect.
I'm not a huge fan of seeing other people's feet all the time either. yuck.
I think you're doing pretty well considering how hot it is and how much you hate summer.
Hang in there and have a fun visit.

SJ said...

KM -I don't want to be in any club that you're not in :)

Maggie May said...

damn those parking tickets would make me mad. i hate giving money for stuff like that. yay for best friends visiting, new breath of life.

TheAbsolutPINK said...

so i'm FINALLY catching up on your blogs. this month has been full of travel and hastily spent work days trying to catch up. But i really loved spending the weekend with you - and so glad you got to me RJ. he liked you, too :) And of course, CHarlie has a special place in both our hearts. :)