Thursday, June 24, 2010

Remember how I had rats?

OUTside, though, remember -not inside.  My mother, who is here visiting, got extremely PISSED at the sight of a big nasty rat outside last night.

She stewed and stewed, and tonight after we cooked a delicious dinner of baked chicken and farmers market green beans and YUM garlic bread, and walked --she announced the thought of these big nasty rats anywhere near her precious little baby (that would be me, folks, at the age of almost-30). 

She is outside right now with a shovel, clorox bleach, a walmart bag and paper towels.  She is furiously shoveling in holes, covering them with bricks, cloroxing the patio....she advised me to go inside, have a beer, and leave her to her business.

She does not need to worry.  I would NOT cross her right now =)


Ms. Moon said...

Oh. What a good mama. I'd just be like, "Pass me a beer. Boy. I hope those rats stay outside tonight."

Kaolinmommy said...

hahaha. Go Mama. :)

Kori said...

Have to laugh at Ms. Moon's comment-mine would be coffee, of course, but the sentiment is the same.

No wonder your mom was so tired last night!

Angie Muresan said...

I love that! You're one lucky baby, SJ.
By the way, you better plan on getting together again.

Bethany said...

Ah, mamas!