Saturday, April 10, 2010

Travel Bug

I got home at midnight last night, with a wrinkled suit and my glasses on, my hair pulled up and I was beginning to get teary because when I don't sleep, I get teary.  For no real good damn reason other than my feet are killing me and there weren't any cabs because I got off the train so late, so I walked around for one but nothing ever came, so I had to get BACK on the metro and then walk home from there.

I am traveling to six cities this month, and conducting five meetings and one conference.  Friday was Round 1, and Monday is Round 2.  My Amtrak train was having "signal problems" so my 8:30 arrival back home from Philadelphia turned into an 11pm arrival.

I was excited to see Philadelphia though (for the one night I was able to really SEE it), and I ate a cheesesteak, had a business dinner, then went for a nightcap with a coworker which turned into karaoke night at the Black Rooster and there were too many beers involved.

That said, I am still on the proverbial wagon...I am not drinking nearly as much as I was.  I'm not using it as a sleep-aid or as an anxious-aid, but rather, as it's intended.  A good time, but in its time and in its place.  I've been pleasantly surprised at how I've been able to make the switch to habit to only-sometimes.  It's been, frankly, a relief.

I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for Florida, where I wish I could meet the Moon clan, but alas, I am going to Orlando not Tallahassee.  I am hoping for sunshine and a pool, so I can spend the day lounging around and thinking about how I'm 29. 

29 --such a funny age to think I have reached.  I look 22, at best, so I am starting to get looks when I get carded like--come on, girl, I'll buy your fake ID that says 23, but don't try telling me you're 28. 

So -tomorrow morning kicks off the year before I am 30.  I am typically not kind to myself on my birthdays, instead running a litany of things I haven't done yet in my head and trying to ignore that tick-ticking of the biological clock.

But....I've done actually quite a lot this past year, and when tomorrow dawns, I am going to do my best to do what all of you tell me to gentle with myself.  Get a big glass of sweet tea and sit in the sunshine of Florida and think about hey -this is, after all, what I've always wanted.


Ms. Moon said...

Dang girl, go rent a car and come visit. That would be so awesome.
I am SO proud of what you've accomplished in 29 short years. Truly amazing and don't you forget it!
And happy birthday. I'd love to buy you a drink. And I would laugh like crazy when you got ID'ed.
And you could laugh when they gave me the senior discount.

Bethany said...

Great thinking (and living) SJ.
Wow for all that traveling.
How fun that you are in MMs state.
I'm sure you all will meet soon.
Happy 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SJ said...

Ms Moon--Oh believe me, I thought about it!!! If I hadn't had to go to Philly over this weekend too, i was going to come and stay all weekend in Florida. Believe me though...we will meet one day. I am coming to visit you next!

Bethany--And hey! When I go to Florida to meet the Moon clan, you better be coming along for the ride!

Angie Muresan said...

Oh that would have been awesome, SJ! I get to meet you this month and I am so thrilled! And I hope that someday I'll meet both Bethany and Ms. Moon.