Monday, April 26, 2010

Taming the West

I'm sitting in the airport, about to take the red-eye flight home tonight to DC, after a week of the most surreal times.  I've gone from DC to New Mexico to Portland, Oregon to Seattle. 

I've seen a tumbleweed in Albuquerque, sat in the hot tub at sunset, watched the whole sky light up orange and pink.  I saw the rain in Seattle, and tall evergreens.  I slept on the train to Oregon.  I met Angie, and Allegra, and shared food and laughs and champagne with them. 

I met an old friend last night turned funny new flame --at least, as bright as it burned in one night. 

And now I am in the airport, my meetings over, and my eyes tired from absolutely NO sleep last night.  At all.

The term "sleepless in seattle" has taken on an entirely new meaning....

I think this is the best way to go though....sleep-deprived and comfy in my fleece jacket and carrying my pillow.  I hope to sleep ALL night in a cramped airplane seat with my ipod on classical music, my mind full of new stories, and my heart--full.  So full.

3000 miles away isn't that far, really; really at all.

(Yes, I took this with my cell phone. While IN flight.  Don't tell the FAA)

PS --Angie, Allegra -I got a new backpack to replace my broken one.  And Angie, check your car...I left my sunglasses either there or in the restaurant we went to for lunch.  Ask for them in the lost and found, and they can be yours :)


Ms. Moon said... sleep at all, eh?
And you KNEW I'd latch on to that tidbit, right?
Honey- I hope you get at least ONE day to recover and settle yourself back into your own space and time zone. Asleep, hopefully.
Sweet travels. Be well.

Bethany said...

oooh, I was thinking same thing as Ms Moon, lucky you.

And how exciting about meeting our blog friends. Can't wait to hear more and see pics. Hope you slept well dear.

Angie Muresan said...

I'm wondering about the old friend/new flame thing. You did say you'd expand on it a bit. Well?