Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's been over a week since I've updated, and I find myself having a hard time writing about anything worthy.  I'm going to resort to the bullet points...

  • I played ball tonight, catcher actually, and I'm so sore now that I wonder how I'm going to get out of my bed in the morning :)  It was a really nice way to spend a Sunday though, and I really like getting to know my new teammates.  It's a co-ed team and I think we've got a really good mix of both guys and girls.  It's kinda weird that we're still getting to know each other and so sometimes that translates into confusion on the field, but we're learning.  We'll get there.
  • I went out with an old friend on Friday, and as always, I am reminded at how lucky I am to have certain people in my life.
  • I'm having issues with another friend in my life right now, and it's gotten me feeling distracted and also out-of-sorts.  I'm working through that.  I really, really don't like when this happens. 
  • Right now, in my refigerator, I have leftover pizza AND leftover chinese.  Can my life get any more like a sitcom?
  • It looks like this because i'm going out of town on Wednesday--first to Albuquerue, then to Seattle, then to Portland.  Then, taking the red-eye back to DC, and head to Balitmore the next day.  It's going to be a hell of a way to end the month and I am hereby putting all of you in charge of writing nice long blog posts to keep me entertained while I wait in airports :)
I can't figure out how to get rid of those extra bullets up there, and I am way too tired to care.  I'm going to go grab my leftover chinese...I know this is the worst blog entry ever.  So I will leave you with these pictures of my walk yesterday of my street and my house, and hope that they make up for it.

Spring runneth over.


Ms. Moon said...

Just stepping in to say "Howdy, Soon-to-be-world-traveler!" Or at least, our nation traveler!
Stay in touch with us.
Love...Ms. Moon

Angie Muresan said...

Can't wait to see you in a few days. I'll pick you up from the train station. Yay!!!

Bethany said...

It is not the worse blog post!
But thanks for the photos.
Have fun on your travels. I especially can't wait to hear about the Portland visit!!!

Nothing beats left over Chinese AND pizza.
I love your pretty bullets with their extra tops.

Hope you're feeling less sore.
Play ball!