Sunday, January 24, 2010

Re-charging my heart batteries

I'm sitting on a plane, about to take off after a weekend in Kentucky at home. I had a tearful moment after going through airport security, when I looked back to see my two youngest nieces with their hands and faces pressed against the window. Waving goodbye to them tore at my heartstrings, but I have no regrets about leaving again.

That said, it was a beautiful weekend with my family and two old friends that squeezed in time to see me.

Things I am leaving with:

A shirt, pants and an orange 'shamwow' washcloth from my sister, for reasons I still don't get.

A hundred thousand hugs and kisses from 8 of my 9 nieces and nephews, all four of my stepsiblings, all four of my parents, and two of my best friends ever.

A very likely head cold from all the little ones who wouldn't get, literally, out of my face for more than a few minutes ;)

3 new rings, picked out by two oldest nieces and given to me by my stepdad.

They're probably not worth much in value, but I"m leaving feeling like the richest person in the world, going home to a life that still feels like make-believe.


Bethany said...

Oh good for you. 3 new rings! Who cares what they're worth money wise. What a treat.
I've always wanted to try a sham wow, so I'm jealous.
Great post, glad you had fun with family and friends. Hope you don't get sick.
Your life there will seem more real soon soon soon.
Hang in there SJ!
Great writing. Sweet post.

Ms. Moon said...

Wow! Lots of different kinds of gifts. Let us know how that Sham Wow! works out. So intriguing....
Very lovely post. I hope all is well when you get safely home.

Kori said...

I am glad it was such a good time for you, really.

May said...

So good to have the heart batteries recharged! Is DC a little shinier now? I hope it is. Lovely post, my love, it made me smile.

Angie Muresan said...

So pleased to hear you got to spend some time with your lovely family, after the crazy busyness of last week.

Maggie May said...

hee hee sham wow

i love rings

and your heart is so good