Sunday, January 31, 2010

Frozen Farmers Market

This pic is of my very small takeaways from the Farmers Market today, plus the enchilada sauce I had to get from the drugstore. We've got about 5 inches of snow on the ground here in DC, and I was a little surprised they still were holding it since its all outside. But, looks like everyone just bundled up and headed out, and there was a pretty good crowd out. Maybe cabin fever since yesterday it snowed and nobody seemed to want to leave their houses.

Anyway, I feel pretty lucky to have that right outside my door. And look at those eggs! The pic doesn't do them justice, but they're huge. Well, compared to grocery store eggs anyway, and I finally feel like I'm more at 'home' when I can get stuff straight from the grower like that.

I got a fresh onion, and it was the missing ingredient in Ms Moon's enchiladas I'm about to make.

I'll set the laptop on the counter, open to the recipe, and sometimes have to email her for help in the same way that I have to call my mother to ask her about things like if I really need to use fabric softener, and if so, how much?

And I'll be grateful to have found this little blog community, that shows me every day different ways to love, to look at life, and to create.

Even if it's just creating dinner :)

PS...what do people DO with red potatoes? Cook them like regular potatoes?


Veggies in the pan, and Ms Moon's post up beside.

The final product! Enchiladas with blackbean/cheese topping.


Bethany said...

You're so cute.
I love your farmer's market finds. And that you're making Ms Moon's enchiladas. Yum. I've never made enchildas before and now I want to too.
I get crazy staticy clothes if I don't use fabric softener.
I'm not much of a cook, but yes, red potatoes just like other kinds. I'm sure there are tons of recipes online, but they probably want you to go buy HERBS!

Happy day. Take a pic of your enchiladas?

Ms. Moon said...

Yay! Looks wonderful. And that's so funny- Jessie called me this morning to ask if she could wash her down comforter. A cat had peed on it.
I told her yes, of course. She could wash it.
Enjoy the enchiladas.

Kori said...

Oh, my. Lovely eggs, and I am glad the enchiladas turned out! Red potates: quarter, leave skin on and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea sal, garlic, whatever herb you like, and roast them until crispy. YUMMY.

Angie Muresan said...

How cool to have the market right outside your door. Ms. Moon needs to write a book already and impart some of her practical wisdom to the masses. We're all in need of it. Have a lovely week!

Bethany said...

oh yum, thanks for the update. They look FANTASTIC!!!! Was it delicious?