Sunday, December 27, 2009

I just wish I could sit down to write about it. I wish my mind would stop racing with the next person I need to hug, the next errand I have to run, the next box I have to pack.

I have been home for Christmas for a few days now, and the moving van comes on Tuesday to take everything to DC. My parents are helping, and they'll be with me til Friday morning. Then I'll have the weekend to adjust in my new home, my new life, on my own.

I wish I could let my head and heart catch up with one another. I wish I could tell you all about it and really let you feel what I'm feeling but I just can't yet.



Ms. Moon said...

We are patient. Take your time.

Bethany said...

It's okay. Good to know you had time with your family. And help. We'll wait to hear from you. :-)

Kori said...

I could echo what the others have said, but instead I will just tell you that I hope for peace and clarity for you in the new year. You kick ass.