Saturday, December 19, 2009


I have a new home. I survived my first week of work. And all is well.

DC is in the process, as I type, of being smacked with our first (and probably last) snowstorm of the season. Almost 2 feet is expected to fall by the time it's all said and done. So I'm anticipating lots of time for thoughtful reflection and a much more thorough wrap-up over the next couple of days :)

For now, I'll leave you a picture of my new place. Description of my new life to follow...


May said...

A new home! How exciting! Now you can get settled and sleep well, in your own bed, in your own sheets, in your own home. Sweet dreams, sweet girl.

Ms. Moon said...

That looks so charming! Wow. And yes, everything May said!
I am glad to know you are settling in to your new nest.

Bethany said...

Oh sweet!
Glad you are okay.
Been holding my breath a little, even though we just met. Such an adventure!
Snug down, the snow is going to hit us here in CT too.
Got to get out to town for a bit first.

Kaolinmommy said...

I'm glad you're home. And I can't wait to read all of the inspired thoughts you'll be having while you're all snowed in. Just wish I were there too!

SJ said...

Love to all of you--couldn't be doing this w/o hearing your words of support and encouragement.

TheAbsolutPINK said...

oooo!! i'm so excited for you. how great to have a place to live. now if only all the unpacking just did it on its own!