Wednesday, December 9, 2009

But everything else is the same...

I leave tomorrow. My apartment still seems the same--boxes in the floor, my cat asleep on the pillow. But tomorrow, it's all to change. My dad will come fetch the cat, help me load my car and I'll be off. I have my suitcases packed, my clothes are washed, and Charlie (the cat) has his bags packed too.

I've had a string of people in and out of here today, telling me goodbye. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life--I'm desperately hopeful they'll remain in it.

I am going to my friend's house to spend the night in a few minutes. We'll watch TV until late, then wake up in the morning and I'll come home to pack up my stuff. And we'll try not to cry until we leave each other.

I was on my old blog earlier today, and I found the entry I wrote when I left DC to come back here to Kentucky. I included a few lines of a song that still seems appropriate...

"The house is empty with the pictures taken off the shelves
The light's still on, but it's waiting for someone else
And the memories gone, like peices taken from myself
Goodbye Baby...
If this is how it has to be."

This is how it has to be. Please, please...let this be worth it.


Ms. Moon said...

You will MAKE it worth it. This is the hardest part- your journey is not yet physically begun but emotionally, it has.
Keep in touch with us. Write when you can, let us know what it's like, send postcards.

Bethany said...

It will be.
Brave brave brave.
Go forth and
yes, please send postcards!