Thursday, December 18, 2014


I read once that seeing your birthday numbers on the clock was like God saying, "Hey there." I've always liked that idea, and every time I see them, I've smiled.

Then it started happening. A lot.

Ever since I posted that lost blog, life grabbed me by the hand and dragged me down the road. Metaphorically and literally. I got the offer on November 4 (11/4). A few weeks later, I quit. (11/11/14). As silly as it sounds, seeing the numbers seemingly everywhere made me---and still does---have a certain peace about it all. I have said several times....yes, this is hard. Yes, this is an unbelievable change I'm making. But it's right. I don't know why it's right, but it is. It's absolutely the closest thing I've attributed to any kind of divine intervention in years and years.

I've shared this w/ only my best friend, and she's been the lucky recipient of all my screen shots of the most STRANGE appearances of the numbers. For example...I posted on Facebook my announcement that I was moving back home after five years. I posted this picture on 11/14 at 11:11am without realizing it. 

"I never met a Kentuckian who wasn't either thinking about going home, or actually going home." -Happy Chandler.

So here I am, about a week and a half after settling into a brand new apartment (with two bedrooms! And cable! Movin' on up). Day 4 of my new job just wrapped, and I'm breathing underwater again.

I willingly stepped out of my comfort zone. As I've done many times before, but this is the first time I've taken myself away from a high-level place. I'm working for an old friend, an amazingly smart woman that's impressing the HELL out of me. And only a month ago, she was me. I was at the top of my game, but I'd hit the highest I could go there. I needed to step away while I was on top. 

I've got so much to learn. It's so hard to sit in meetings and not understand things. To not know the players, the jokes, the material. But I'm pretty darn lucky that they're willing to let me try to learn.

On we grow.


A said...

You look radiant in your Louisville t-shirt.

Ms. Moon said...

There is some magic to numbers, for sure.
You look magic-struck in that picture, by the way.

Maggie May said...

That is kind of amazing, those numbers. And you look GORGEOUS.

The Bug said...

So glad you made this move - you've been unhappy for so long. Go you!

liv said...

HOW do I miss these ? Well, mostly because I don't read my Blog List regularly...

But this is exciting watching this new deal for you ! Two bedrooms and more and more - just what I am looking for.

I know the numbers thing, for about 6 months straight, two years ago, I woke up at 7:17 almost every morning. Spooky, but wonderful.

And yes, like everyone else I am basking in the brilliance of that photo. It's boofudal, as my daughter used to say xx

dbs said...

On we grow. Love that.