Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The rain falls. The dryer hums. The dog upstairs runs in circles barking at the thunder. His owners chase after him. The cat lifts his head to the ceiling, then settles back down again. The TV is on, but muted, and it's 10. The hour where I hear that reasonable people go to bed during the week. The hour where I usually start to rev up -I'm a night owl. Always have been.

I took the train home tonight, shuffled with the masses, my Audible book playing from my iphone. It's been a long time since I've done the subway thing.

I came home with the first raindrops. Ate supper, put the laundry in the dryer. A quiet night. I opened my laptop to begin to work. I work every single night now. I've never been so work-busy in my entire life. The problem is -that isn't even extraordinary anymore. It's expected.

"I'm leaving now but I'll be back on around 8," I say to my boss. Sometimes I want him to protest.

He never does.

Tonight, I'm not going to work. I'm going to lay here, under the white blanket and read my book and listen to the rain.

The world will wait.


Ms. Moon said...

It's ridiculous, thinking everyone should work twenty hours a day. I'm glad you took the time you need and deserve.

liv said...

The weather report came on last night to say that DC was in the path of some new tornado action. Of course I thought of you and hoped you were hunkered down under a warm and cozy blanket with rain drops falling on the roof...not your head.

And you were! Good. A quiet night in the middle of a tornado watch will do just fine - but you were not made for work alone. There is so much more that is beckoning you - surely.

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry I haven't been by here in a while. It's good to hear from you --

Mel said...

I hope it's not all work and no play for you. The weatherman says you should be getting a snow day today.... hope you get to curl up with a book :)

Mel said...

Hey darling, how you been? Too busy to post? I should be, but I'm a moth to the blogger flame. Hope all is well with you :)

Angie Muresan said...

You make it sound cozy. I hope all is well.