Friday, April 1, 2011

When it hasn't been your day, your month, or even your year.

I've had a week that's zinged me out, clear from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other.

On Monday, I woke up feeling like the day was somehow going to kick my ass just because it could. And oh, yes it did. I woke up to a bad text message from a friend, and I was feeling super emotional over this. Then, I had a meeting with our accounting people to clear up a few questions I had about a brand new process they're implementing. I haven't been talked to so rudely and insulted so much since my shitty job in 2004. I went outside the building and sobbed my eyes out.

(Random aside: I've noticed that a crying person on the sidewalk is the equivalent of a homeless person on the sidewalk. People glance at you quickly, see that you're in some sort of need, and rush away as fast as humanly possible. Don't look at the person who many need something from me! I have enough problems!)

Anyway, I called my old friend Tif and she talked me down from the ledge. A true shout-out has to be given to her--she's been a rock to me ever since college and talking to her everyday keeps me centered.

Monday night, I put on pajamas and ate comfort food and did everything I could to calm down. I re-evaluated everything from why I'm in DC, to why I'm in this job, to what I'm doing with my whole damn life.

That was a low.

Tuesday was awesome. My day was much better, and then I got to have dinner with Betsy, the amazing sister of Katie Granju and we had a long talk about how I can help Henry's Fund, and all kinds of ideas on how we can grow it and what the future can hold. Their entire family has been through hell on earth this past year and I feel honored to be able to help in whatever way I can on a real basis. 

We bonded over a beer and a shared sense of humor, of politics, of basically everything.

That was a high.

On Wednesday, a shitstorm exploded at work and then I got lost coming home from a meeting I had in Alexandria thanks to new construction patterns. It was crappy weather and I ended up in a bubble bath for two hours with a book.

On Thursday, I went to Alexandria again for a meeting.  I had to drive there, and I passed the motorcade on the way to get it --I have to park it like a half mile away.  I always like seeing the motorcade.  When I got to the meeting, I had to put my car was on the meter and I only had quarters for an hour. So after an hour, I moved it again. In the rain. I went to a parking garage which was full. Which I found out after I circled every.single.floor. Then I came out, put the car on the side of the road, and got fined $40 when the meter ran out. Which I found after I got soaked. Again.

This morning, i found out I left my purse in the car overnight. Luckily it wasn't broken into and everything is okay. But doing that made me lose a half hour of my morning since I'd parked the car about a half mile away and had to walk there, walk back, walk to the metro, walk down the broken metro stairs, ride the metro with 300 high schoolers here on spring break, walk to the office.

After all that walking, you'd think I wouldn't have gained two pounds this week. Ah lah.
The high highs and the low lows, all in just a week.

Sounds like life to me.


Ms. Moon said...

Oh honey. Some weeks are just WAY too dramatic. Yesterday Kathleen accidentally left her wallet at a nursery, ran back and the woman at the counter who had found it YELLED AT HER FOR BEING SO IRRESPONSIBLE! What's wrong with people?
Can't we all just have a little compassion? Are we all going insane?
I hope the weekend treats you sweetly and you treat yourself that way, too.

Mel said...

I sure hope the ride is smoothing out. Life is a mystery, and when I feel all strung out from the ups and downs, I hear my Dad tell me that it beats the alternative! I sure miss that man and his perpetual optimism in the face of so much up and down.
It's your turn for some long term up, isn't it? I'm hoping for you.