Sunday, March 20, 2011

Maine Things

I flew up on Friday morning to the great state of Maine to visit the cousins.  My cousins Todd and Chris are basically older brothers to me this point, and both are incredibly protective and loving--in other words, exactly what I need sometimes when I'm feeling disconnected and out of sorts. 

It was perfection.

We slept in. We ate fries. Todd's wife, Jenny, treated us both to mani/pedi's on Saturday morning.  Then we went shopping and I got my very first Coach purse!  I'm not one to get all hyped up about either of those things...but I swear, it was all heavenly this weekend.  We went dancing, we ate excellent seafood.  I had a lobster roll, and bought new Nikes and Victoria's secret underwear and Sephora makeup and ..... well, time for PBJ's this week :) 

There were cute little boys who have the same baby blue eyes as me:

And cute puppy dogs:

And cousins with said cute puppy dog:

I love that I feel like home in so many, many places.  I am so lucky. 


Mel said...

Cute boy, cute puppy, cute post. Glad you had a fun weekend. That doggy looks a lot like my Tucker, and just as cuddly!

Ms. Moon said...

Very, very nice. Yay!

Angie Muresan said...

That is the cutest puppy dog!