Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Snowing in Salt Lake City

...but everything else is the same.

Well, it's really not. At least, it's not at all the same as when I was here last time. Last time, it was August --hot, sticky, sweaty August and I was in the midst of what I can easily describe as one of the worst periods of my life if not the worst. I'd had a terrible incident just a few days prior to take-off, and being here brings back memories of frantically tapping out emails on my blackberry trying desperately to defend myself and my decisions to a now former "friend," which resulted in the cruelest things ever said to me in my lifetime. This was all happening while simultaneously feeling like I was treading water while preparing my first big all-day meeting that I'd run by myself. 

It was a tiny bit of hell on earth, in this town where a giant temple sits on a hill with a golden angel blowing his trumpet over all the land.

Today, eight months later and about eight years worth of reflection and new perspective, I am back in this city that I actually kind of adore in its quirky way. The locals are fun, and whenever we're here, we have to stay for days at a time since flights in and out to DC are limited in our price zones. 

I didn't run another meeting today, but I sat around the conference room table and was reminded once again of how lucky I am to be right here, right now. In this job; in this field.  It's hard as hell sometimes -and far and away the most challenging job I've had. 

Tonight, we'll celebrate my thirtieth birthday. It isn't until Monday, but we're leaving tomorrow and we figured we'd kill two birds with one stone.


Wham, bam, damn -these trips around the sun are going fast.

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Ms. Moon said...

Wait- it's your birthday too? You and Ms. Bastard-Beloved are only one day apart? Ha!
I'm so glad that this year's particular water is under the bridge for you, darling.
I love you.
Now don't become anyone's sister-wife while you're in Salt Lake.