Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Both literally and figuratively =)

I am taking a semi-permanent hiatus from blogging, until I figure out the direction in which I'd like this to go. 

Maybe it's writers block.  Maybe it's the incredible amount of sharing I've been doing lately about some pretty personal things that have made me want to withdraw; to curl my inner self into me and shield me from further damage.

I'm off to the lake, bright and early with my best friend and her kids -I'm so glad to be spending a weekend cut off from everyone except for these people I love, our tents and our fishing poles.

Maybe I'll come back bursting with stories.  Or, maybe I'll still feel quiet for awhile. 

Until then -- I'll be reading all the old familiar places.


Ms. Moon said...

Have fun and be at peace on the water.

michelle said...

Take care and find peace.