Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When the words won't come, there is only me, looking serious:

And processing through this weird week. Wait - isn't it only Tuesday??

Here are my random, non-serious thoughts...

* I bought my cat a cat toy tonight that squeaked and carried on like the brave, fake mouse that it is. It rolled down the conveyor belt, next to my new makeup and a six-pack of beer and I thought about what a strange woman I must look like - the beer-drinking cat lady who loves alot of new eye shadow ;) The check-out girl didn't card me, just looked at me, not believing for one minute that I am over 21 - much less 28 - and raised an eyebrow at me as I walked out the door. With my cat toy squeaking all the way.

* I still am holding on to my weight loss even though I am doing my best to sabotage this it seems =) I will do things like eat cucumbers and broccoli for snacks, and then eat french fries for dinner...I am so weird.

* I'm watching the Duggars on TLC right now. They have 18 kids, and the mother is so nurturing that I sort of want to move in with them and lay on their couch while she fusses over me and brings me soup. Because that's what she needs, right? An overgrown kid in her house to wait on?

* I miss LOST and really wish it were 2010 and it can come back

* I am not looking forward to August...it always seems to be my worst month. It's so damn hot, and has been hot forever, with no end in sight. But this year is a little bit different, since it's been cool alot this July. It's kind of strange and makes me think I'm going to be wearing shorts on Christmas day.

* When I start talking about the weather, it's time for bed.

Good night, all. Please excuse the squeaking cat toy :)

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Maggie May said...

i know, i love that Duggar mother