Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I survived

Well, 28 came and went, and I am trying to get over my dramatics from last week over the whole thing =)

Seriously, it was a good birthday and filled with a mixture of both friends and family, the mundane and the special, and I couldn't have ordered better weather for the entire weekend. I ate too much cake and spent too much time in the car seeing everyone, but overall, when Monday morning came with my sugar hangover and my arms sore from picking up three toddlers all weekend, I was grateful.

Now, it's another week. Work is really intense right now and I could probably write an entire series of blogs just on each of the characters I work with, and all our drama that ensues. I'm a little leery of blogging about work though, and so I'm trying to weigh what to share and all that. But it definitely keeps me busy and my life eventful and that's completely me reaching for the silver lining that I often fall short of grasping every day.

This is probably my most boring entry ever -but, an early bedtime for me is calling. And I am going to get up and do it all over again tomorrow and look, as hard as I can, for the good things.

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Ms. Moon said...

Happy birthday. It's always good to hear your voice.