Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blowing in the wind

I've gone quiet in this space of late, as I do when things are busy. They've been as busy as they come. I'm typing this out on my phone, killing time waiting for a friend. The friend I'm waiting for is referenced in the post a few posts down -we've gotten through this silent period and she's in town for work. It'll be good to see her--I think the separation did us good (even if she didn't even know it was intentional on my end).

I wandered around Target for about an hour. I am sitting in my car listening to a $7.99 copy of The Essential Bob Dylan that I picked up while in there. On the checkout line, I realized I bought cat food, this CD, and beer. And pajamas. I apologized to the checkout guy for the extremely random purchase order and he said while shrugging "I should probably ask you out." Ha!

I just got back from a week and half at our annual conference where I thought I was going to meet Hillary. Aargh it didn't happen. My boss met her and burst into tears. He's a grown man. He bursts into tears far too often for my taste. 

I did get to see her from a perch in the staff balcony, and I posted this panoramic picture to Facebook. Check out the sea of smartphone and iPad screens held up to record her.

Then I was off to Philly right after to meet up with friends for a birthday weekend. I did yoga for an hour and a half. Yoga is not my jam. I thought at one point while squatting and being told to breeeaathe "I came all the way here to be tortured!!" 

Off to listen to Mr Dylan and drive around. Thanks for driving by this little small space. 


Ms. Moon said...

I, for one, am very happy about this catch-up post. I wonder what Hillary thought when your boss burst into tears.
And how cute was the Target guy?

liv said...

That contained two SUPER good laughs, gawd, thank you!!!

Good to hear that you met with your friend again. Oddly, today I ran into a friend that had sorta "dumped" me a few years ago. It's not the first time we've crossed paths. Each time she say's "we've GOT to get together for coffee"...but she never calls. I called her once and she never returned the call. So this time she said it again and then added "only if you realllllly want to". It indicated to me that she hadn't followed through all those times because she was afraid. So this time I said "yes, but this time, you've got to be the one to make the call"....she said "YES"...we'll see. Hope your friend steps up.