Sunday, September 22, 2013


This has been a tough month. I've been working crazy long hours, have been traveling around from big towns to small ones (I was flying into Mobile at 8pm, watching the darkness below and I thought --Shit, are there even cabs here?) I am home for a good long time. Fall softball starts on Tuesday. Time to get myself back for a minute.

I've been ready to leave, lately. Thinking thoughts of what's next. I'm ready to buy a home, settle down, get a patch of dirt. In DC, that's just not possible. Especially not in the area I'm in now -- trust me when I say I'm practically stealing my apartment from my landlords who are happily coupled up in Cape Cod owning a B&B and basically being the biggest gay stereotypes there are. I love them like crazy, and vice versa, and so they let me stay. I take care of the place, and they are happy because their history is here. Their life as a couple, their first ten years together.

And now, my own history is here. New Years Eve will mark four years here. Almost 7 years total of being in the DC area. When I was being introduced on Tuesday before I spoke, I heard "Stephanie has over ten years experience in...." I have been in a stage of life longer than ten years! Jesus! I haven't done anything for ten years other than attend my county school system.

It's been a tough September, and here are a few pictures of my neighborhood tonight. I took a walk to remember exactly what I'd miss, so that I can enjoy it now. I'm weird like that.


Ms. Moon said...

Whow. I had no idea you had such an eye.
You know what? You're going to do great in whatever endeavor you choose. You just are. Believe me now or believe me later.
Love you, darling.

SJ said...

I love you, Mary Moon -- thank you so much. Hang in here with me.

Mel said...

What a great series of pictures, I love them. What Mary said is true.

Anonymous said...

I think it's smart to look back while looking ahead. I also think we've always been like that- anticipating what we might miss and even mourning those losses before they ever happened. Hello, high school.

Beautiful pictures, beautiful neighborhood, beautiful friend. Wherever you go, i know we'll always have this! AND you will always do good work whatever you choose to do.

liv said...

Owwww, come here, come here! Oregon is wonderful, you'd love it :)

Beautiful pictures - loved the little blue slide. What a nice way to begin the day, sliding out your front door, everyone should do that.

Well, I always think a change of scenery does a body good. I'm happy you're moving, a new chapter, more to blog about. Very exciting - I hope you see it that way.