Thursday, July 15, 2010


This week has truly been exceptional.  Badness and goodness wrapped into one and coming out in the form of sweetness, and delivering me into what is and what must be.

In that spirit, I will attempt to a Friday Fragments (on a Thursday night).  

**My best friend here was robbed on Tuesday night.  The same night as my flood--I walked in the door that night with Brian, a guy I had a date with, and we stepped directly into about two inches of standing water.  I wanted to cry, but didn't, and we just set to work throwing towels and blankets and basically anything around to get it stopped.  We did.  But it didnt stop me from crying on the couch later, with my head in my hands, wondering WHY things just seem to be so hard sometimes. 

I had strange, very vivid dreams all night.  Then, the next morning, I found out about Sarah's place as I hauled my fourth or fifth load of soaking wet laundry across my soaking wet floors.  But yet, anything that had happened to me in the past 24 hours flew out the window as I jumped in my car and went straight to her place.  I'd had such an odd dream about her the night before --it was like I knew.

We cleaned up. I brought her my spare laptop to use since hers is now taken, and another friend of ours sawed wood outside to fix the door.  We checked out the windows, secured all the locks.  At one point she layed down on the floor beside the dog.  I layed down beside them both and her roommate came in, and laid down too.  It was a sweet sort of moment, and then we got up and played Star Wars monopoly to keep our minds off the entire issue at hand :)

**I am sort of dating another guy, right now, although dating is too odd a word.  I dont know WHAT this is, other than he is new and he is there and sometimes I just need someone there.  I'm not sure what's going to happen.   Probably nothing, but hell, isn't this what dating is?  I truly don't know.  I suck at all of this.

**I know I'm a real, true DC resident tonight.  I was trying to find a parking space, when all of a sudden the police jumped in front of my car and the one beside me.  The motorcade went by with all its fanfare.  And my first thought was Come ON Barack!  Some people need to park and go home and eat spaghetti!

I have, um, arrived.

**I posted a depressing message on Facebook yesterday about how I was giving up.  This was shortly after the laying down in the dog bed with Sarah moment, and I announced to my best friend from home that I just wanted to lay down and never get back up. 

My phone didn't stop ringing all night.

**I had a conference call today with my old job.  It was the same committee I used to run.  I got so homesick all of a sudden.  And at the same time, watching my new boss speak on the call (she was the 'featured guest'), I felt pride again for where I work and what I do.  These days, that is no small thing.

**The following initials to the people who care and get me through my days sometimes --KJ, EHL, and AA.  Thank you for being a part of my day to day messes.

So there is me.  Dating and loving and living and walking the streets in the heat and finding out what love means and cooking spaghetti sauce for the men in my life, and for my lunches. 

Sweetness remains, even if sometimes I can only see it without feeling.


Ms. Moon said...

We can't feel all of it- we'd die from too much.
Sounds like life to me.
Sleep well, sweet friend.

Kaolinmommy said...

I'm proud of you. You didn't just survive this weird roller-coaster week. You found beauty in it. Of course I'd want to be a part of these lovely messes, these ups and downs, because of the grace with which you are handling the journey. Hope this weekend is peaceful and sweeter still.

Ms. Moon said...

Hon- Email me. I can't find your address. I'm old. Forgive me.

TheAbsolutPINK said...

i've talked to you since this post. and its good to see the over view of the past week or so. I'm excited for your next post. :)

May said...

God, Babygirl, there are weeks and then there are weeks, huh? I've had my apartment flood too, so I know how absolutely awful that is. Do you have a dehumidifier? If I had one I'd send it to you. I'm so sorry about your friend, too. That just sucks the big one.