Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Every headline I can think of is cheesy.  Every text message I send S, my new .....boyfriend?  Dare I say it? is mushy, gushy.  We say things like "Oh, I thought about you all day"  Gag.

We have conversations that already crack me up and make me know that this is someone I can get along with during a ten hour drive or a two hour wait in line.  After just a few days, I know this.

Me: (upon explaining that my neices were texting me from church camp).  "I dunno....I mean, it's good, I just don't want them to get too....churchy."

Him: "Yeah"

Me: (Pause) "I mean, I guess it's better than crack cocaine camp."

Him: "Well, you appear to have survived crack cocaine camp"

Me: "I know, but I was so popular there.  It was really a burden."

Him: "Is that why you still hide crack under the floor boards?  Don't lie.  I saw it."

Me: (After showing him where I spilled nail polish on the rug and then dumped water on it after the carpet cleaner) "Look what I did before you got here."

Him: "You threw up?"

Me: "No! Why would I SHOW you where I threw up?  Or TELL you?"

Him: "You tell every fucking thing else!"

Me: "I know. Just wait."

Me, feeding my cat Charlie. 

Him: "Hey Chuck.  Get a job and contribute around here if you want that food!"

Sigh.  I'm smitten.


Allegra Smith said...

With good reasons. He sounds like someone we both know and just look how long we have been together. If a man doesn't have a healthy sense of humor, don't bother. So I will say this is a keeper. I am delighted for you, happy as a frog with a full Moon to sing to. Hugs from here.

Ms. Moon said...

Smitten is one of the best things EVER IN THIS UNIVERSE! Especially if he (and it sounds like yes) is too. Have fun.
Biscuit recipe? Just let me know.

Kaolinmommy said...

I like him already. I'm very glad you have someone to share silliness with. And cheesiness, too.

TheAbsolutPINK said...

i love it. I love the sample conversation. I hear it in my head - well, your voice because it's so YOU.

It's good to see that you are just being you - no pretenses, no expectations. That's what it is SUPPOSEd to feel like. You need someone who will banter back and forth with you..that is such a part of your personality.

I remember since we had long memorized conversation dialogues that we repeated over and over growing up...lol.

I'm feeling good about this. :) Glad you are letting yourself feel that way , too!

Bethany said...

oh, i like him too.
fun conversations!
made me laugh.