Sunday, February 22, 2009

Casual Sunday

I slept for two hours today. I hate napping, but over the last few months, have developed a deep appreciation for the sleep catch-up midday. Before this, I spent three solid hours watching my new DVD set of the first season of Studio 60 by the great Aaron Sorkin. Luckily this brilliant show lives on in DVD, as it was only on for one season.

My only outing was the grocery store and seeing the snow on the ground, I seriously debated in staying in my pj's the entire day. But I ventured out, picked up a few things, and came back to perform open-heart surgery.

On a cat toy, that is.

My kitten loves those "wand" toys where I can dangle the toy or make him chase it, jump for it, whatever. The ones I get for him have a fish on it (they are 2 bucks from the Rite Aid up the street, so he gets only those). Anyway, he's had a few of these but he always ends up scratching them so the stuffing falls out and I eventually have to trash it. When he does that, the little bell thing comes out too and so he loses interest when he can't hear it jingle. So today, when another "jingle" toy fell apart, I captured the bell and stuck it in one of the previously disabled stuffed fish.

I got the bell, stuck it in there, and put the whole thing together with duct tape.

Survey says...Happy kitty.


Ms. Moon said...

Very resourceful!

TheAbsolutPINK said...

hehe i love it. he's so big!

Maggie May said...

i found you through ms moon and enjoyed browing your blog:)
your kitty is so cute! we have four cats and it's not enough for me...

SJ said...

Thanks for stopping by, Maggie! Yes, he is pretty cute--too bad he's such a rascal too :)

Anonymous said...
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