Wednesday, February 5, 2014



February mires me down in cold and I have a case of the bleaks, although it's not as bad as August. Things are barreling along for me and I'm in survival mode until spring.

In this month I am/will be busier than a one-legged dog in a race. January was about that bad and this month is not going to see much rest for me. Our annual conference will be at the end of the month and it numbers into the tens of thousands that attend. Every weekday until then and especially during then, I am already double and sometimes triple booked on my calendar.

I stand up when I'm on conference calls and pace around. I eat lunch standing up. I am like a caged bird in February.

In this month, I will get to meet Hillary Clinton on the day my mother will turn 61. She wants a picture of the two of us, and she wants it in a frame.

That I can do.

And now I leave you with is full of the f-bomb, but I dare you not to have the beginning line in your head for the rest of all time.

I find myself humming "Holy shit, it's another fuckin' day" in the shower all the time now.


Ms. Moon said...

This will be the month to just ride that train! Damn girl. You know? You, because of your incredible brain and work ethic experience things most of us could never even imagine. I know that's cold comfort sometimes but...JESUS!
You better post that picture of you and Hillary.
And the video? Fucking great.

liv said...

Hahahahahah, that was great. Makes me think my cat is a big lump. But then, she's an old fuckin' cat !

Hillary??? Yes indeed you better post that. I am so jealous! I just saw a photo of her and Bill from the portfolio of that guy who photographed the Beatles when they first came to the US. He became a pretty famous photographer and took lots of pictures of famous people, but this shot of Bill and Hill was amazing! He is sitting, like in a hammock in the Summer time and she is leaning over to kiss him and all I can say is that Bill's face was FULL of desire for her - it was really sweet!

Your mother is turning 61? I am older than your mother!! But I feel like we are there something wrong with me?? I'm laughing :) But I just relate to you so much and your "caged bird" feelings - I so get that.

We will ALL be so ready for Summer when it comes this year. Thanks for the laughs.

PS: That post that I just did where the title was Fun, fun, fun....I tried to post the video of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" and it didn't work :( so I had to delete it. I need a lesson in video posting...

Mel said...

Yes, February is bleak, and you are so busy! And Hillary? Oh my, please share the photo with us! Happy Birthday to your mom :)

That cat video is hilarious, I haven't laughed that hard in ages, thank you so much. I'm gonna sing that line in the shower too.

SJ said...

If I get can it, you better believe I'll post it!! I'll probably make it into a poster and hang it in my entryway :)

Liv -No, not ridiculous at all -- I am an old soul :) I will give you a video uploading tutorial any time!!

Mel -Are you humming that every single morning yet??