Saturday, January 25, 2014


You better let somebody love you, before it's too late.

What a winter it has been. There have been so many times I've wanted to check in with each of you, and I think I've gotten a bit spoiled by being friends with many of you on Facebook. I toss out the snippets, and leave out the details, and truly only neglect myself by not coming here to augment those thoughts, little stories of my day, and so on.

So much has happened, but nothing so monumental that things are not also still the same. I sit here, blissfully alone and with no plans on a weekend and I couldn't be happier about that for now. It's been a long week and I've been on a 3 day business trip and a conference here in town and oh, met a long lost relative while I was there and then had to go to Baltimore last night (every time I'm there I smile because of the name of this blog). So, I am very very happy to be tucked away here in my apartment for these two days, just cleaning and puttering. Tonight I made chicken enchiladas, took a bubble bath and had a glass of wine.

I need to talk about so much. I need to talk about how, in December, my 3 year old nephew became so sick that he was admitted to the hospital for two weeks. I cried in my office about how I couldn't be at home. I've never felt so helpless.

I need to talk about how I went to New York City twice in December and what both of those trips -each so very very different- meant to me. I need to talk about going home for Christmas in Kentucky this year, and how it was more hard than good. And how deeply sad that made me. I need to talk about how I don't want to do to myself again.

I want to talk about how relieved I was to be back in DC, but unhappy I am at my job. How miserable I am most of the time. I want to talk about how furious I am that I feel I am being pushed out of my job by the hire of my new 'boss' when I've been doing his job and mine for the past year. I want to talk about how I'm shutting down.

I want to talk about how I sometimes think about walking away from my life completely and how everyone else seems to have it so much more together than I do. I want to talk about how I was in Kentucky for almost two weeks and saw zillions of family members and no one asked how I was. No one asked how my life is. No one. My life is full of so much, but not of husbands or children, and that limits things sometimes. And I do get that. But it is lonely. I want to talk about how my lifelong friends seem lost to me. I want to talk about how I've made new friends too in this time, and how I feel like I have a small safety net and how lucky I do.

I want to talk about how sometimes I can get too enmeshed in the blog world and the friends and life it's enabled. I want to talk about how it is simultaneously one of the biggest blessings in my life. I want to talk about how I dated someone this winter with three children, and how now that is over. His name was Owen. I want to talk about how I've gained a few more pounds I shouldn't have, and how frustrated I am that I feel like I come to my little space here to write the same things month after month, year after year. Always the same.

I am fine--truly. There's just so much to talk about.

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liv said...

That was wonderful!

It sounds like a normal life, to me anyway. Full of discoveries and information, heartache and love, angst and peace. A full life. Still not the one you deserve, but a full life.

I'll be holding a very good thought for the job, you've worked so hard at it and you really deserve some respect and gratitude from those people. I will spear them with my sword if they screw you over!

Hope your precious nephew is A-ok. I know those little ones are like your own and the worry must be terrible when one of them is ill.

Our lives run so oddly parallel sometimes - I went to xmas with my family for the first time in 22 years and not one person said they missed me or asked how I was. And I took a bubble bath tonight too! Hahaha....

I've missed you and I am sooo glad you wrote too. Hang in there and write more. It matters a lot to hear how you are doing - no matter what the "how" of it is. xoxo