Friday, December 2, 2011

Take 'Em Away

"Take 'em away
Take 'em away, Lord
Take away these chains from me
My heart is broken 'cause
my spirits not free
Lord, take away these chains from me."

This song has me smiling on this sunny Friday afternoon, even though I feel like I've been drug through hell and half of Georgia (as my stepfather is fond of saying).

What's taken away? My CRUTCHES! Gone, gone, fucking gone.

Two more weeks in a walking boot, and then I'm done with this for good. Except for, ya know, that metal that will always be in my ankle until the day I die. But I can WALK, and on Wednesday, my parents left again after driving me back here to DC, and I'm officially company-free. I have no one on the way here. I have no plans to go anywhere until Christmas. I have been on my own before, for a few days at a time, but this is it.

I'm better. Much, much better. The pain was horrific for about two weeks -- right up until Thanksgiving -- as I tried to re-learn walking. Then on Friday after Thanksgiving, it just...went away. I mean, it still hurts with nearly every step. Just a little bit. A little. Not the horrible "oh shit, what if I re-broke this ankle and didn't realize it?" pain.

I also have a lovely cold that seems to be working its way out my system very slooowly. I guess 3 months in virtual quarantine and then slammed with all TEN of my nieces and nephews in one weekend (one DAY) was not exactly a recipe for a fine immune system response. I gave it to my bff as a parting gift, and we've been calling each other to compare coughs everyday. I coughed and hacked through a presentation I gave via conference call to all the company VPs....impressive, I am certain!


I can walk. Things can't be too bad if I can do that.

I finally go into the office next week. I'm going to get dressed - every day! - and go be professional and leave my house every day. What a concept! I'm so ready.

Here goes nothing. And maybe everything.


liv said...

WA HOO!!!!! Congrats on the ditching the crutches, that is huge.

All my best thoughts for you as you go back to the office. (and a new office at that!) Hope it all goes well. They will love having you there, I'm sure.

Just watch where you're walking :))!

Rubye Jack said...

Back when I was a HS senior I broke my pelvic bone in a car accident and had to be in a wheel chair for a couple of months, and I remember so well how good it felt to be able to walk again. So alrighty, life begins once again!

Ms. Moon said...

You have been through SO much! And here you are, peering at the end of the tunnel. Can you see the LIGHT?! I hope that there comes a time when your pain is forgotten.
Yep. You have a whole new life to step BOLDLY into.

Mel said...

You're back, woo hoo indeed! I'm really glad the pain has subsided, and really sorry you caught the latest crud. My daughter went through 5 or 6 boxes of kleenex over Thanksgiving break, so not fair when you have a week off from school, to spend it sick. But she did get a lot of crochet work and tv watching in, so there's that.
Welcome back to the walking world, hope you don't miss those crutches and hope you had a really nice trip.
Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye...

SJ said...

Liv -I know you know exactly how good it feels!!

Rubye -I know, I have such a new appreciation for anybody dealing with any sort of handicap. Seriously.

MM -I hope so.

Mel I'm trying not to blink until I get my shopping done :)