Monday, October 18, 2010

So many things to update you all on, but there will be time enough for that.  I've had visitors for the last two weekends, and this past weekend, my father and step-mother came to see me.  Last night, I needed to take the trash out.  To do this, I go down a small alley behind my house.  This disturbed my dad to no end --he hooked his flashlight on his belt and tucked his gun in his holster and we set out as though we were conquering a neighboring village.  Me in my pajama pants and he with his gray haired swagger.

When we returned, he tried to tell me he was going to leave his flashlight for me.  The dialouge went something like this:

Me: I really don't need a flashlight
Dad: What if your power goes out?
Me: I have candles
Dad: How will you see to find your candles?
Me: I just know where they are
Dad: But what if you don't?
Me: *smacks my forehead*

Dad can frustrate the life out of me sometimes.

They left this morning, and I came home to a still, silent house for the first time in awhile.  I went to my bedroom to change clothes and found on my dresser--the flashlight.

There was a note underneath that he had hastily scribbled:

"Find your way home."


Ms. Moon said...

Your father loves you.
Bask in that.

Maggie May said...

i don't know why i haven't been here in so long???? HELLO. Hello!!!!!

And i second ms moon.

Bethany said...


TheAbsolutPINK said...

awwww. i love your dad. and he has always loved you in his seemingly overbearing way. he just wants u to be safe - and well, i do, too.

I wonder if he meant the note to be so literal, or so poetic. Sometimes i think that what makes it all the more lovely, don't you?

SJ said...

Ms Moon -I do; I am lucky.

MM -probably because I haven't been here posting in forever!! I think of you everyday.

Bethany -I know!

Dre -I think he meant it poetically. He is the best.

Mel said...

Your Dad is sweet. I love that he left it for you to find instead of insisting you keep it. And the note... aww is right.

Allegra Smith said...

Lovely and loving and much loved. What is there to add to this heartfelt written poem? Are you ever going to comeback West? Missing your news, hope everything is fine. Hugs from here.

Angie Muresan said...

How very sweet.

Bethany said...

Hey SJ, just read your post at Ms Moon's and wanted to say thinking of you, and hope it lifts. Try the toothpaste I suggest on my blog.

Bethany said...

SJ, how weird!
Thanks for stopping by.
Yes, pics of the new kitten with Charlie, pretty please!!!
And be good to yourself today.