Sunday, September 20, 2009

Starting again

I just wrote a long post, and lost it -tried to submit, and poof, it was gone. I wrote for a long time about life--just plain, ordinary, messy life and how our connections with each other through all these different mediums is still amazing to me. I wrote about how I was thinking of my friends, scattered near and far, and what a strange month September seems to be for all of them. It's been a little strange for me too...heartache is still riding shotgun with me every day, and it's becoming familiar. And I'm becoming familiar with trying to drive it away.

But for the people in my life, September has been strange in a good way...for others, not so good. From wedding plans for some, to awaiting a divorce finalization for another. I review property and custody agreements for one friend and pick out bridesmaid dresses for another--life shifting from one extreme to another. I think of one awaiting a new grandson, and another awaiting a court date. My friends in blog-land and my friends from all walks of life are changing and rearranging it seems.

My college roommate called to scream "it's a boy!" to me this week; and a new guy in my life lost his brother. Life goes on, and the complexity that is faced when lives leave and lives enter into this world never fails to bring me to my proverbial knees.

I've searched for peace this weekend, and found it in some ways. I laid low and canceled plans, and grabbed some much-needed time for myself. It was a little strange being on my own for so much of it, but I know I needed that time also.

I leave for DC this week and even though I'm working, it will be good to see friends there too.

Sometimes living there seems a hundred years ago--when I go back, and clutch cold beers with those familiar faces in those old familiar places, I feel a little piece of me come back. A piece I never knew was missing.

I feel relieved after a trip there...being reminded that I have a little world tucked away there, between 8th and I St, just over from H and Florida Ave, ready to catch me if I should ever fall is comforting beyond belief.

I am thinking of them tonight--and of all of you--as we await life's adventures together.

Don't blink.


Kori said...

This is a lovely post, SJ, and oyu capture so well the amazing variances of life. And thanks, so much, for your thoughts.

Ms. Moon said...

That WAS a lovely post. I agree with Kori.
We do have this little community and it's a good one.
Now enjoy that other one in DC and I am glad you took time for yourself.